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We are the largest real estate in housing purchase and rental in Tenerife. If you want to sell, buy or rent a home in Tenerife, look up our client list with more than 700 homes. We are experts on the island since 2006, here you will find the best deals on homes for sale or rent. Enter and find your home. 





The Brand 
The basis of any successful business starts with choosing the brand. A great brand needs to have the ability to define for itself its mission, values and attributes. Recognition and visibility of FINANCIAHOGAR are linked to an operating method that is established in the market, which success and effectiveness are developed in a network of offices.
Tested on all the commercial network, our organization and work formula is flexible and fully adapted to the current dynamism of the market, with total guarantee for the effective running of all points of sale, regardless of their location, structure or their years in business. 
Quality should be synonymous of transparency and efficiency in management. In FINANCIAHOGAR we know so and, therefore, we have a strong commitment to differentiate ourselves from the competition with an added service for our customers, ensuring and guaranteeing our good knowhow. 
General Services 
FINANCIAHOGAR has a structure perfectly articulated to ensure the best service to customers and franchisees. Central departments are comprised of internal and external professional teams specialized in each area of activity to give the best support and advice on all aspects of purchasing a property, rental and financing. Apart from that, we have available the following services: Legal Services, Finance Centre, Marketing and Advertising, Real Estate Software and Corporate Image.  
Our Method 
We give you all our knowledge, experience and management through a series of easy-to-use operating manuals, as well as quick to understand. The benefit for our franchisees is based on the uniqueness of the assigned area, specialization and uniformity. We assign a zone of exclusivity and have as main aim to search for expertise of employees that are part of the office: an Office director, a Coordinator and Real Estate Consultants. The other important aspect is the uniformity of the network: all offices have the same outdoor and indoor corporate image. 
The sum of a great brand together with a clearer and easy-to-implement operating method has made us one of the most successful trade marks in the real estate landscape. 
From the FINANCIAHOGAR Centre we have designed a training plan, since we believe that it is essential to provide the franchisee with specific training in a business of this nature. So we've designed a training plan which is divided into:
Beginning: On the one hand, it consists of 5 days of theoretical training in order to assist the franchisee and staff. They are told about the business in itself, the products and services, customers, business operations, software content, knowledge of funding, knowledge of contracts and legal rules, as well as trading techniques to facilitate the acquisition, sale and rental of homes. On the other hand, we will provide you with 2 days of office support to start the franchisee business and assist in implementing it and welcoming the first visits. 
Continuous training: it consists of a quarterly visit to the office of the franchisee to solve questions of great difficulty, support the business and organise the sales work, besides the ongoing advice of the representative. Periodically, we will organize training modules for all staff of FINANCIAHOGAR.
An annual convention will be also held to present new services and products and to inform about the chain growth and market development.